Kashmiris’ love for Pakistan witnessed in world cup

Kashmiris’ love for Pakistan witnessed in world cup

Kashmiris' love for Pakistan witnessed in world cupSrinagar, MTT News Desk: Not even a single person in India could found, who have not enjoyed the win of Indian cricket team against Pakistan. But, in the meanwhile, none of these India’s poor crowd had ever enjoyed the love and passion of Kashmiris towards their country. Just because the Kashmiris consider Indians, aliens to them, who had destroyed their life and everything and occupying their lands illegally from Past 6 decades.

During the recent Cricket world cup semi final, the Kashmiris’ passionate love for Pakistan was witnessed when many people in Occupied State of Jammu & Kashmir fainted after Pakistan lost Cricket World Cup semi final against India.

The losing of semi final by Pakistan against India proved to be too shocking for many people in the valley. The doctors cautioned people against the health risks of such cricket frenzy in future.

Javaid Ahmad Wani of Sonawar, Srinagar, fainted after Younis Khan walked back to pavilion. “My

brother fell unconscious after Younis Khan fell cheaply.


We took him to a nearby doctor,” said Javaid’s brother Bilal Ahmad.

A college student Nazim Khan of Bandipore fell unconscious and remained in the state of unconsciousness for several hours, as he could not bear Pakistan’s defeat.

Like Javaid and Nazim, reports of fainting attack and chest pain were received from several parts of the valley.

The doctors had earlier advised heart and diabetic patients to avoid watching the high-octane match. Some of the patients were rushed to Soura Institute of Medical Sciences for fainting attacks.

The Indian armed forces and India’s puppet regime in Occupied State of Jammu & Kashmir continue their acts of terror against the Kashmiri peaceful protestors.

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The All Parties Hurriyat Conference (APHC) has condemned the ongoing arrest spree and harassment of Kashmiris particularly youth at the hands of Indian armed forces.

The APHC spokesman in a statement issued in Srinagar said, “Despite the recent Amnesty International report, the authorities do not look keen on revoking black laws or releasing youth, unlawfully detained under the draconian law, Public Safety Act (PSA).”

He said that India should improve the ground situation in Occupied State of Jammu & Kashmir (OSJK) before initiating talks to resolve the Kashmir dispute.

The spokesman denounced the continued unlawful detention of APHC leader, Zaffar Akbar Butt, despite quashing of his PSA by a court and termed it sheer political vengeance.



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