Dashgin: Pakistan is second home for me

Dashgin: Pakistan is second home for me

Pakistan and Azerbaijan are peaceful countries and both esteem the international rules.We shall void our Lands from Armenia.

Pakistan and Azerbaijan are peaceful countries and both esteem the international rules.

There are few countries in the world by which Azerbaijan has strong relationships like Pakistan.

On the Dispute of Kashmir the Azerbaijan Patronages Pakistan While Pakistan always favors Azerbaijan on is Nagorno-Karabakh issue.

The security Counsel of United Nations has beside four resolutions which stress the Azerbaijan’s regional independence, tenantless of Armenian army and the safely returning of homeless peoples in their homes.

The trade level between both brotherhood countries is lower than the diplomatic and political relationships.

For economic cooperation between the both countries more than 30 agreements have been signed.


Enhancement in business of Pakistani shops, restaurants, medical shops, tobacco and textile in Azerbaijan is a great success.

More than 6000 historical architectures are preserved in the territory of Azerbaijan. Our country is in the foot hills of beautiful mountains of koh kaf (Caucasus).

For recovery of Azerbaijan’s land, Armenia does not take part in the peace dialogues positively. One million Azerbaijanis refugees and evicted peoples can’t go their own homes.

There is lot of space for cooperation between two countries. We have to emphasize in the field of oil & gas, culture, tourism and education.

Approximately 49 million Azerbaijani’s are in the world, from which just 9 million live in the Azerbaijan, whereas, mostly live in the other countries of world.

Exclusive Interview with Dashgin Shikarov Charge d’ Affaires of Republic of Azerbaijan

Q: How you feel the relationships between Pakistan and Azerbaijan?

Enhancement in business of Pakistani shops, restaurants, medical shops, tobacco and textile in Azerbaijan is a great success.Ans: The relationships between Pakistan and Azerbaijan are superlative and Pakistan is second home for me. These best relationships have some reasons. Pakistan and Azerbaijan are peaceful countries and both esteem the international rules and follow them. Both countries are desirous in international peace and prosperity. Due to this one reason both countries have strong relationships. There are few countries in the world by which Azerbaijan has strong and closer relations. The base of these relations is respect and implementation of international rules. Second reason is Pakistan’s best wishes for Azerbaijan. Pakistan is one of the countries which acclaim Azerbaijan. Pakistan accepted Azerbaijan as independent state after Turkey. Azeri peoples eulogistically this Pakistan’s brotherhood passion. Pakistan’s immediately acceptance play an important role in the best relationships. Azerbaijan and their people will never forget this. Third reason is the cooperation of Pakistan and Azerbaijan on international level. On dispute of Kashmir Azerbaijan patronage Pakistan while Pakistan always favor Azerbaijan on Nagorno-Karabakh. This Pakistan favor is very useful due to which the world accepts Azerbaijan’s opinion on the dispute of Nagorno-Karabakh.

Also, no doubt, many reasons are except of this. Cultural and linguistic relations are very important. Many words are similar in our Azeri language and Urdu language. Foods taste and names are same. The feelings of closeness are natural due to same daily activities. The cooperation of Pakistan with Azerbaijan in the fields of economy and defense is admirable. Pakistan’s advocacy and cooperation for Azerbaijan is very gainful. These Maverick relations should be stronger. To improve the relations more investment is required between two countries. It needs to vast the cooperation in all fields and for this purpose best efforts and hard work is required. With few countries Azerbaijan has relationship like Pakistan. Azerbaijan is on the way of success but fastest success. From the last few years Azerbaijan’s economy is the leading growing economy of the world. The economy of Azerbaijan is very deep and has the capability to improve. It has the capacity to investment. Pakistan also has many resources. Pakistan and Azerbaijan should invest for each other. This is useful for success and cooperation.

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Q: What is the present situation of d Nagorno-Karabakh d dispute?

Ans: Its situation is almost same. It is very big and important problem. We have to continually credence the Armenia and its leadership that bloodbath of Azerbaijan people and occupancy on our lands is intolerable. More than one million Azerbaijani people have been homeless due to this war and genocide and approximately 20 percent Azerbaijan in the haft of Armenia. It is interesting that we have called specially Europe and United nations in the world but we only got support from Muslim countries who adjudged this the Armenian’s aggression. The United Nations have passed four resolutions which stressed the Azerbaijan’s regional independence, tenantless of Armenian army and the returning of homeless peoples in their homes. Unfortunately Armenia is refusing to implement these resolutions. However, we have to get our land on any cost.

Q: Have both governments the same opinion on Kashmir and Nagorno-Karabakh?

Ans: Pakistan and Azerbaijan have close and brotherhood relationships and basically both countries have the same ideology on regional and international levels. The important thing is the strong support of each others on the issues of personal benefits. On the issue of Nagorno-Karabakh the Government of Pakistan permanently supports the Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan also supports Pakistan on the dispute of Kashmir. Both countries cooperate for communal benefits on international forums.

Q: Is Armenia destroying the cultural heritage in these areas of Azerbaijan which are under haft whiles what is the situation of tourism in Azerbaijan?

Ans: Yes, the destruction of historical buildings and the use of natural resources under haft areas of Armenia is exceptionable, while we have severe tortuous due to the destruction of Islamic civilization and historic buildings under Armenia’s haft areas. Economically the tourism has great importance for Azerbaijan despite of the industry of oil. In our country the vast capability of improvement of tourism is in the shape of old cities, forts, mosques, palaces and towers. More than 6000 historical architectures are preserved in the territory of Azerbaijan. Our country is in the foot hills of beautiful mountains of Caucasus. Azerbaijan’s natural seasonal conditions are also very different. Azerbaijan has nine seasonal zones out of eleven. Every year more than one million tourists visit our country.

Q: What is the situation of trade relationship between Pakistan and Azerbaijan?

Ans: The trade level between both brotherhood countries is lower than the diplomatic and political relationships while there is need to improvement between our trade relations. Our embassy is doing efforts to improve these activities. The delegations of different trade organizations of Azerbaijan visits Pakistan due to which we hope that we will strength our trade relationships like other fields.

Q: This time how many agreements have been signed between two countries for economic cooperation?

Ans: Pakistan and Azerbaijan has close vast relations. More than 30 agreements have been signed between both countries for economic cooperation so that in the fields of mutual cooperation a frame work can be provided. These agreements are of tourism, transport, technology of information and telecommunication. Customs, finance, science, cooperation between central banking, avoid from double taxes and promotion in investment etc. On 9 October 1995, the governments of both countries have decided that a combine commission will be organized on governmental level. The commission has arranged many meeting in the fields of technology, telecommunication, information, education, tourism and culture. Azerbaijan is the place for Pakistani goods, textile, medicines, rice and the products of leather. Azerbaijan has the capacity to export wool, oil, petrochemicals and scrap. So that Pakistan can benefit from the rising experiences of Azerbaijan in the fields of energy and petroleum. Pakistan has established a branch of National Bank of Pakistan in Baku. In Azerbaijan it is the great success due to the improvement in the business of Pakistani shops, restaurants, medical shops, tobacco and textile. In present conditions I am not satisfied from economic cooperation between both countries because this is very minor as compared to our strong relationships. Specially, the activities of combined commission should be improved and cooperation should be in the right direction. But I am hopeful that very soon the level of economic cooperation shall rise as compare to our political relations.

Q: In which basic fields the both countries can cooperate?

Ans: Azerbaijan has vast experience to deliver oil and gas to the international market through pipe line. Azerbaijan can help Pakistan to give the reality to mega projects in this field. Keep in mind that this thing was specially emphasized between the meetings of Azerbaijan’s President Ilham Aliyev and Pakistan’s former Prime Minister Shoukat Aziz in May 2006. There is a department in which both countries can cooperate, is the department of “Defense”. As you know Azerbaijan has to prepare its army in these intricate situations. In the beginning of 1990, Azerbaijan became the victim of Armenian’s aggression and our 20% area is still under the occupation of Armenia. Armenia does not take part positively in the peace dialogues so that it returns Azerbaijan’s lands. Near about one million people became refuges and internally displaces from their homes. They still can not return to their homes. In this case establishment of strong army and factories for the production of defense ammunition can help in to providing peaceful solution. Defense production of Pakistan generates interest in the countries of the region, that’s why I am thinking that cooperation in this field would be beneficial. Moreover, Pakistan and Azerbaijan’s relation would also be beneficial for the agricultural items processing industries.

Q: To bring closer the both countries, on which measures you have been concentrate?

Ans: To bring close together and to understand each other and carry on historic relations, I utilized all the occasions and procedures such as publications of books, visits of Azerbaijani artists, arrangements of events and by providing opportunity to Pakistan, Azerbaijan friendship association work effectively. For this purpose I took personal interest in the culture and Language of Pakistan. I have personal relations with official and civil personals which offer me assistance to achieve my objective. On diplomatic level as a “Charge d Affaires”, I felt proud to support Pakistan’s intentions. Strong relations have been built between our countries. While these friendly relations also helpful in all departments for affective efforts.

Q: How Azerbaijan can cooperate with Pakistan in its economic development, agriculture, education and stability of tourism industry?

Ans: There are lots of opportunities of cooperation between the both countries, but I think that there must be stress on oil & gas industry, cultural heritage, tourism and in the field of education. Necessary documents have been signed between Pakistan and Azerbaijan. Experts of Azerbaijan can help out Pakistan in the “oil field” or oil. Azerbaijan has vast experience in the field of culture and art & crafts. Our experts can help Pakistan to establish training institutes for painting and music, while splendid results can be obtained through joint venture in the fields of hotel management and tourism.

Q: What kinds of goods have trade between the two countries?

Ans: Pakistan imports cotton, tobacco, chemical and some other goods from Azerbaijan, while exports garments, leather goods, rice, sugar, fruits and other things to Azerbaijan, but trade volume is still not considerable and one cause for this is that there is no direct flight between our two countries while by road distance to much. If we want to speedup trade through trucks, then we have to travel via Iran, but it would cost too much. But I hope that our trade conditions would become satisfactory in the future.

Q: Are the peoples of Azerbaijan also settled in large number in the other countries of the world?

Ans: All Azerbaijani belongs to the Turk race and our language is Azeritrukish. There are 49 millions Azerbaijanis all over the world. Only 9 millions Azerbaijanis are lived in Republic of Azerbaijan, while rest of them settled in the other countries of the world. Azerbaijanis lived all over the world are united to develop their country and promote mutual affection between them.

Q: What would you advised to those Pakistani investors who would like to invest on medium or small scale?

Ans: Oil & gas sector is very developed in Azerbaijan. There are large scale investments in this sector. Agriculture and tourism are also such fields which have great potential for investments. Azerbaijan is willing for the investments in both these sectors, because these sectors have great potential for development and expansion. Another sector which acquires development and has ability for it is the department of information technology. South Asia is world famous in the field of software and Pakistan has appropriate share in it. Azerbaijan would like to take advantage in the sector of IT from the expertise and experience of Pakistan. In this sector Pakistan can make profitable investments in Azerbaijan.


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