Liberation of Jammu & Kashmir

Liberation of Jammu & Kashmir

Written by Shumaila Javed Bhatti
Friday, 04 March 2011 14:30
Rifah Party is well-known in Turkey, but a few days back first time Rifah Party of Pakistan is launched. Secretary General of the Rifah Party – Brigadier (retd) Usman Khalid outlined the vision and

programme of the Party. He explained that Pakistan does have a national vision and national leadership but it does not have a political party that embraces that visions and acknowledges its leader.

The prime national objective of Pakistan has always been the liberation of Jammu and Kashmir and Syed Ali Shah Geelani the leader of the liberation struggle for fifty years. It is time, he said, that we reiterate that Kashmiris are a part of the Pakistan nation and Syed Ali Geelani the leader of the nation. In a widely televised speech he made in Srinagar, Syed Ali Geelani said, “We are Pakistanis; Pakistan is ours”. That reiteration is the foundation of Rifah Party which embraces Syed Ali Geelani as its leader and the liberation of Jammu and Kashmir as the foremost national objective of Pakistan.


Pakistan is located in a strategically important area where three emerging powers and two active battle fields are located. China is nation of 1400 million people, India of 1200 million and Russia continues to be resource rich and the territorially the largest country in the world.

Afghanistan and Iran are battle fields where a mixture of religious zealotry and ethnic chauvinism are a source of perpetual instability. Pakistan must have a vision and leadership to respond to the challenges posed to her very existence otherwise it will be swamped by external forces aided and abetted by collaborators within. Rifah Party, its Secretary General said, wishes to demonstrate that it has the ability and resolve to meet the challenges.

Pakistan helped liberate not just Afghanistan but also the five Central Asian Republics and Azerbaijan. Their security and prosperity is a part on our national purpose. Consolidation of the ten ECO States all of which are contiguous Muslim majority countries – Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan and Azerbaijan – must be the common purpose and visionary objective of all ten states.

Pakistan being a nuclear power and the largest nation and Turkish the language of most of the states, Pakistan and Turkey must lead efforts to create a union of the ten states. The Union must embrace as its objectives; acceptance that the present frontiers are sacrosanct and inviolable, that an attack on any one state would be deemed to be an attack on all and commitment to unfettered movement of people and goods within the Union.

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Pakistan is faced with an internal threats aided and abetted directly by India and America. No political party has come up with a rationale and wherewithal for combating the threat from the Takfiri brand of Islam, tribal nationalists of Baluchistan or urban Mafiosi of Karachi and Sindh.

The economy is in distress and yet the loot and plunder by politicians continues with unprecedented zeal. The political class of Pakistan is not the flag bearer of democracy but and instrument of loot and plunder. As if that was not bad enough, every leading political party in Pakistan are like mafia with a single family in perpetual power.

The best one can hope is alternation of shaky coalitions of looters and plunderers who depend on their links with hostile foreign forcers rather than popular public support. Without at least one proper political party there is no hope of democracy or good governance in Pakistan. Rifah Party expressed resolve to be one such proper political party committed to a national vision and agenda articulating a programme that unites the people and accelerates its socio-economic progress.

The Foreign Policy is to leave SAARC, which is an instrument of Indian hegemony over South Asia, consolidate a union of ECO states and transform Afghanistan from a barrier to a bridge to Central Asia.

India threatens Pakistan’s national security as well water and food security by its continued occupation of Jammu and Kashmir. In the new circumstances, Kashmir can be liberated in one year. Having gone back on its commitment to hold a plebiscite in Kashmir, India has conceded that the people of Jammu and Kashmir want to join Pakistan.

Rifah urges all parties in Pakistan to support an amendment to the constitution declaring the state of Jammu and Kashmir to be a part of Pakistan. China and the OIC support that stand. The day is not far when India would be forced to hold a plebiscite under UN auspices according to the agreement between India and Pakistan, which was endorsed by the UN Security Council as early as in 1948.

Among the neighbors of Pakistan China is the only country whose national vision – creating a multi-polar world – is supported by the people of Pakistan. China is a pillar of strength for Pakistan and a guarantee against adventures by India. The friendship should be reinforced by an all weather rail link and rapid increase in Chinese investment in industry and infrastructure in Pakistan.

America is too far to be a natural ally of India or Pakistan. If anything, its economic interests make it a natural ally of the Muslim world. But America is under tight control of Indo-Zionist lobbies that make and execute its policies. As long as that is the case America will continue to menace the security of every Muslim country. But the dichotomy creates some room for manouvre. Under good leadership Pakistan can influence events in the ECO region for the mutual benefit of the USA and the region.

The Author is the Junior Ambassador of WWF of Pakistan and is studying Environmental Science in International Islamic University, Islamabad Pakistan.


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