Egypt: Husni Mubarak promised not take part in elections

Egypt: Husni Mubarak promised not take part in elections

Egypt: Husni Mubarak promised not take part in elections edit Delete caption Save CaptionCancel LikeUnlikeCairo: MTT News Desk: The president of Egypt Mr. Husni Mubarak had announced that he will not take part in the next upcoming September elections. He was addressing to the nation live on TV channel.

Mr. Husni Mubarak had said that he will try his best to end the recent peaceful unrest in Egypt. He said that he respects the judiciary as much as any body can.

Mr. Husni Mubarak had also invited the opposition parties to engage in talk with the Egyptian government to introduce reforms in election process.

Mr. Husni Mubarak had rejected the demand by opposition to resign from Presidency. However, he said that he will not take part in the next elections.

He urged the nation to stay calm and peaceful and urged the nation to show patients in recent high time.

Husni Mubarak blamed that unfriendly elements are trying to transform the peaceful protests in bloody agitation.

Husni Mubarak’s recent statement that he will not take part in next general elections came after the similar demand came from the United States.

However, millions of protestors in Cairo had rejected the latest offer of the Egyptian President Husni Mubarak. Immediately after the end of Presidential address, the people shouted “Leave Leave”, demanding the Egyptian President to leave the Presidential Palace as soon as possible.

Millions of people came out of roads today in Cairo and demanding for immediate resignation of Husni Mubarak.

The Husni Mubarak led government had imposed strict curfew in most part of Egypt. Telecom and Internet connections are also taken down by the Egyptian government in order to cut communication.

Husni Mubarak became the President of Egypt in 1971, after assassination of former Egyptian President, Anwar Sadaat. He ruled Egypt for more than a decade. During his tenure, he had continued full support to illegal state of Israel as well as remained a blue-eyed boy of west. Corruption remained at its peak and the gap between rich and poor is widening. It is worth mentioning that more than 30% Egyptians are living below poverty line.

Many analysts believe that recent unrest in Tunisia and now in Egypt are initiated by foreign forces to further their hidden agenda in the Middle East.


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