Suicide attack at police mobile squad in Karachi

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Suicide attack at police mobile squad in Karachi

Suicide attack at police mobile squad in KarachiKarachi, MTT News Desk: Another suicide attack had been reported in Maleer area of Karachi. Where a suicide bomber hit a police van with his motorcycle.

Three people died in the suicide blast, two of them are reported as police officers, who were onboard in police van, which was deployed in the area to provide security to the religious processions. 5 including 4 police men also injured in the blast.

According to the reports, the suicide bomber targeted the police van, which was providing security to the chelum procession of Hazrat Imam Hussain.

The CCPO of Karachi, Mr. Fayyaz Hussain told the media that the blast occurred when a suicide bomber hit the police van with his motor cycle, which cause a huge explosion, killing once civilian and two police officers on the spot and injured many others.

The police van was completely destroyed and caught fire immediately after the attack by a suicide


“When the bomb exploded it was huge and heard far away. Some people have been injured, but we are still collecting details about the blast and wounded”, said by the CCPO Karachi, Mr. Fayyaz Hussain.

The blast was so powerful, that it had broken the windows of almost all nearby buildings and the sound of the blast was heard far, creating panic among common people, who rushed to close their businesses and to look for the safe passage to home.

The police van belonged to Saudabad police state. Those injured are immediately shifted to Jinnah Hospital. While the local authorities had immediately announced emergency in all hospital in Karachi.

The police and other law enforcement agencies had immediately cordoned off the area to secure general public from any follow-up attacks. The investigation team had also been deployed in the area.

The suicide attack on police van in Karachi occurred just an hour after a similar attack on outer layer of security arrangements of police for same religious procession in Lahore. In which, 15 people including 4 policemen were martyred and nearly 60, including 5 policemen were injured.

The Lahore suicide blast is reported near Bhati gate area, at Lahori Chowk. Where a suicide bomber had targeted the police check post and blew himself up, right when police attempted to stop him for search.

Both of the blasts had shocked the country and the people from around the world. The President of Pakistan, Mr. Asif Ali Zardari and the Prime Minister of the country, Mr. Yousaf Raza Geelani had strongly condemned the suicide attacks, saying that the country will not bow to the terrorists and that such terrorists attempts will further boost the unity in the nation.

Like always, these suicide attacks may also be connected with the banned religious organisations in the country. However, at the number of times, the evidences are made public by various sources, indicating foreign involvement in various terrorists activities in Pakistan.

The religio political situation in and around Pakistan is critical for many countries, including USA, Israel, India, Russia and of course for Pakistan as well. The so called war on terror led by United States in Afghanistan had paved the way for infiltration of secret agencies of India and Israel in Afghanistan and then in Pakistan.

Some sources alleged United States’ secret agency, CIA for helping Indian RAW to establish its strong terrorist outfits in Pakistan. The so-called Tahreek e Taliban was also alleged for receiving financial and military aid from India and Israel.

Those terrorists of Tahreek e Taliban, who died at number of occasions, while fighting against Pakistani armed forces are found as not even Muslims, after medical examination of their dead bodies.

Pakistan’s high-ups have reportedly mentioned many times to various visiting officials from United States about the alleged involvement of their secret agencies in Pakistan’s internal affairs. A mention of alleged American support to Indian intelligence agency, RAW, had also been made at various levels.

Many suicide attempts in Pakistan in the past, especially those at Marriott Hotel, Islamabad and FIA building Lahore are repeatedly connected to foreign sponsored terrorist activities in Pakistan. The role of Indian conciliates in various cities of Afghanistan are also repeatedly questioned by Pakistani authorities, but no satisfactory response had been made so far, either by India or Afghanistan.


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