Seminar: contemporary situation of Kashmir

Seminar: contemporary situation of Kashmir

Kashmiris are fighting for their birth right of Self-Determination from Past 62 years. The right, which was promised with them by the Indian government on the floor of United Nation Organisation (UNO).

But India did not fulfill its promises and is denying the right of Self-Determination for the people of Occupied State of Jammu & Kashmir.The people of Kashmir had launched the liberation struggle against Indian occupation in 1947, which is still going on. 63 years down in the row, the Kashmiris are still determined to their birthright.

Only in last 20 years, more than 97,000 Kashmiris are brutally murdered by Indian armed forces in Occupied State of Jammu & Kashmir. Uncountable number of women raped, thousands kids are tortured to death.


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