Who’s Behind the Grand Narcotics Game?

India has long being ignored as regard to its role in narcotics trade but quite recently the International Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) have started concentrating on India as leader in world narcotics trade route. In a recent development, Indian Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) claimed to have seized 31 kilograms of Hashish worth more than Indian rupee 20 crore from Kochi on Nov 21, 2009. Those involved in the smuggling were caught red handed included Rajaram, a textile industrialist in Thiruppur near Coimbatore and Customs clearing agent Ramesh. Later, DRI officials raided the warehouse of a textile industrialist in Thiruppur and also seized 100 kilograms of Ephedrine, a chemical used as a narcotic substance in Western countries.`

Article Source: http://www.markthetruth.com/pakistan-a-the-world/255-whos-behind-the-grand-narcotics-game.html


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