The Myth of Drone Attacks

As the drone hit the area of Miranshah in North Waziristan on 8 December 2009, among the ashes and ruins of the houses, I saw an old man sobbing and remarking with anger and desperation, They are killing us mercilessly. We are also a part a Pakistan. They assassinated my innocent family. We were not terrorists. I am left alone. What should I live for? I will take revenge. I will kill their families only then they will understand that Justice delayed is justice denied. Regardless of the consequences and blatantly ignoring public reaction in Pakistan, the Champions of Democracy have intensified missile and drone strikes in Pakistans tribal areas. A country like Pakistan where the state authority is already undermined, the intensification of such illegal attacks inside the sovereign boundaries of Pakistan will drastically jolt the political standing of Pakistan in the international world resulting in a political suicide for Pakistan. Not only this, the escalation of drones will further fuel the insurgency / terrorist activities by aligning several militant groups to work together and the democratic system might once again fail in the country, as the people will turn against the government.

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