Much Needed Reforms for Balochistan

Although Aghaz-e-Haqooq-e-Balochistan package presented in joint sitting of both the Houses of parliament, has been termed as eye wash by radical Baloch element, yet the empowerment package will go a long way in redressing the grievances of the people of the province. As the title of the package suggests the starting of the rights of Balochistan, it is unlikely to resolve all outstanding issue of Balochistan overnight, but holds the promise of a better tomorrow for Balochistan. The package contains a series of constitutional reforms, economic measures and administrative steps to placate the hurt feelings of the people of Balochistan. Undeniably, Balochistan has suffered long years of neglect. In terms of literacy, higher education, technological development, healthcare, infrastructure development and industrialization, the province is far behind rest of the country. The economic experts indicated that lack of financial resources, inefficiency, corruption and a weak approach of the economic planners and managers, are the main hurdles that retarded the process of economic development. The NFC Award failed to provide enough resources for this least developed province, under the distribution formula based on population.

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