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Times of India reported on November 30, 2009 about radiation contamination at the Kaiga nuclear plant in Karnataka. The locals residing in surrounding area suffered with heavy damages in the shape of casualties of inhabitants and livestock worth costing in corers. Indian Prime Minister (PM) Manmohan Singh has denied any radiation leakage and said there was “nothing to worry about”. He further added that he has been briefed that it is a small matter of contamination and is not linked to any leak. In this regard global nuke experts really got astonished over Indian PM statement in which he tried to tone down the most serious crisis of India i.e. Safety and security of Indian Nuke Plants . Should we consider that Manmohan Singh statement is a mater of poor knowledge or extremists Hindu lobby present in the government deliberately reluctant to share confidential nature of information to their Sikh PM. Indian Intelligence Agencies did not even timely confirm to their PM about the involvement of minorities killer Lt Col Prohit and elimination of their loving son LTTE Chief Prabhakaran. In this regard, Sikh community has kept on stressing to Indian government to punish the real culprits and publish the investigations report in connection with the brutality against Sikhs in 1984. The poor Sikh community does not know that their PM probably cannot even review the sensitive nature of information about nuke and investigation reports on communal violence. Indian intelligence agencies again embraced their rulers on the issue of Ajmal Kassab too. The agencies did not inform ruling authorities that actual culprits of Mumbai attack have been killed in the encounter. According to Indian media, arrested main accused in a dramatic retracted from his earlier statement and claimed he was forcibly made to confess. Thus, we can only say that Indian PM should show some assertiveness to control her intelligence agencies and nuke programme.

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