Violation of Human Rights in India

Mr. Larry Cox, Executive Director, Amnesty International USA addressed Mr. Obama on 18 November and urged him not to forget the plight of women, men and children who are facing numerous human rights abuses in India and to make public statements emphasizing that human rights are central to US-India relations. He also stressed that Obama has the opportunity to directly communicate concern about human right to Prime Minister Singh. The director of Amnesty International tabulated the glaring violations regarding human rights through a letter. India always claimed her as one of the largest secular democratic state but her formal and informal policies in vogue do not reflect her claim. However, Nobel Peace Prize winner Obama failed to take clear stance on the issue of violation of human rights in India. President of supper power did not condemned the Indian brutality which was pointed out by Mr. Larry since he was knowing that Indian PM has to start her visit of Russia from first week of December,2009.

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One Response to Violation of Human Rights in India

  1. eunuchs says:

    we are the lot that are severely deprived of Human Rights….we have no security, no social respect…..we are looked down upon and harrased even by police….But eventually we have mobilized ourselves and the general people…It has been possible only because of our consciousness of the charter of HUMAN RIGHTS ….

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