Mounting paranoia of our adversaries on self-imagined threats

USA, India, Israel and Britain are suffering from paranoia. The US strongly feels that Al-Qaeda led by Osama, allegedly based in FATA is contemplating another 9/11 like attack on its homeland. India is also thinking on same lines. It fears another 26/11 like attack by Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) singly or aided by Al-Qaeda using Pakistan soil. Israel fears that Pakistan may not pass on nukes to any of its neighbour. UK feels that most acts of terror in Britain emanate from Pakistan. Their fears are based entirely on conjectures and flights of imagination with ulterior motives against Pakistan since so far they haven’t come out with any proof to substantiate their claims. Robert Gates has now admitted that US intelligence agencies are clueless about whereabouts of Osama. Threat of Al-Qaeda and LeT allegedly based in Pakistan are being used as sticks to keep Pakistan under pressure and to force it to do more. The world is also being conditioned about the possibility of perceived attacks so that when the drama is finally enacted at an opportune time, the world accepts their version and hold Pakistan responsible. Both have already made several contingency plans how to play up another fabricated show which should appear convincing and free of glaring loopholes of 9/11 and 26/11.

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