A Dangerous State of Denial

Seventeen years have passed since the destruction of this icon of Muslim presence in the subcontinent, yet there is no lessening of the pain that the incident caused. Much like a helpless stag surrounded by hordes of hyenas that lunged and tore at its flesh, the three domed Mosque silently stood under relentless attacks in utter helplessness; a haunting image that has stood frozen in time ever since. Mark Tully, the veteran BBC correspondent, once asked to recollect the most tragic event that he covered during a lifetime of reporting from the subcontinent, singled out the destruction of Babri Mosque, on December 06, 1992 as the most painful one.

Read article: http://www.markthetruth.com/minority-issues-in-india/237-a-dangerous-state-of-denial.html


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One Response to A Dangerous State of Denial

  1. Neel says:

    There are two more left to be demolished. One in Mathura and one in Varanashi.

    The muslims had no business building mosques on the properties of the Hindu temples.

    These historical symbols of the atrocity committed by the muslim invaders need to be corrected.

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