US New Strategy – An Analysis

Finally, the much awaited Afghan Strategy was unfurled by President Obama in a speech delivered at the United States Military Academy on 1st December 2009. In the back drop of former President George Bush’s call to arms post 9/11, Obama’s wartime address sounded like an endgame rather than a striking escalation of the US presence in Afghanistan. As expected, a surge in American Forces up to 30000 in the vital interest of the United States was announced by him to augment 68000 troops already deployed in Afghanistan. The speech, a shrewd one though, systematically progressed as the President recalled the factors that led to the present status of war in Afghanistan culminating with the recipes to chart a course for ultimate but honorable exit from Afghanistan. Besides announcing a placement of additional troops the salience of the speech has been the announcements of US intensions to withdraw from Afghanistan in three years time, a sustained ‘light’ presence of US troops’ as a sequel to the withdrawal in line with previous practices in Germany, Japan and Bosnia, reversal of Taliban gains, securing of population centres as they did during the last days of the commencement of withdrawal from Vietnam. The other salience was declared focuses on training Afghans to enable them take over the security affairs, talks with the willing Taliban, putting pressure on Karzai government to deliver and a request to NATO allies for more contributions towards American efforts in Afghanistan. President Obama also talked about Pakistan wherein he categorically mentioned Pakistan’s centrality in his bid to normalize Afghanistan. He went on to say,”….we are committed to a partnership with Pakistan that is built on a foundation of mutual interests, mutual respect and mutual trust…the Pakistani people must know : America will remain a strong supporter of Pakistan’s security and prosperity long after the guns have fallen silent,….”

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