Osama bin Laden – a myth or reality

Among the 19 hijackers that struck targets in New York and Washington on 9/11, none was an Afghani or Pakistani. They were Arab Muslims, mostly from Saudi Arabia, based in Europe and trained in USA, in all probability by Jews. Yet all hell broke on Afghanistan and now Pakistan is being punished for its uncommitted crimes and US blunders. It may be recalled that when the US and its allies decided to invade Afghanistan in October 2001 on a flimsy excuse of getting hold of Osama bin Laden and disrupting and dismantling Al-Qaeda to avenge terrorist attacks allegedly masterminded by Osama, in that timeframe Al-Qaeda was an unknown entity. If nabbing or killing blue-eyed boy of CIA Osama and his 2-3000 ill-organised and ill-equipped henchmen from different countries was the real purpose, there was absolutely no reason for carrying out grand mobilisation and invading Afghanistan where he was based. Either dialogue together with coercive diplomacy should have been carried out for another month or so, or some proof of his involvement furnished to Mullah Omar as asked by him to justify handing over his guest, or his rational suggestion of putting Osama on trial in a neutral country heeded to. In case these efforts failed, the US should have then carried out a combined covert cum commando operation backed up with well-coordinated intelligence backup support to round them up. Drones or cruise missiles could have been used to for the purpose. However, the US tried to kill a fly with a huge hammer, which still managed to fly away. The real purpose of invasion was not Osama but to topple Taliban regime that had disagreed with unjust terms and conditions of US oil and gas tycoons wanting to pipe down energy resources from Central Asia to European and US markets via Afghanistan and Pakistan. Eager to give practical shape to its New World Order, the US wanted to convert Afghanistan into a permanent military base wherefrom it could monitor regional countries of its interest.

Aritcle source: http://www.markthetruth.com/terrorism/235-osama-bin-laden-a-myth-or-reality.html


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