Pakistan and not Afghanistan worries USA

Announcement of Af-Pak policy by Barack Obama last March led to shifting of centre of gravity of war on terror from Iraq to Afghanistan and resultant induction of 21000 US troops into Afghanistan from Iraqi theatre. With available extra forces the new commander Gen McChrystal, launched a well orchestrated operation in Helmand in July with a firm resolve to up stick the Taliban from this strong base and to then gradually roll down remaining strongholds in southern and eastern Afghanistan. Logically, in line with US policy of hammer and anvil, the US military should have launched operation either in Kunar or Paktika or Paktia provinces in coordination with Swat operation and impending operation in South Waziristan (SW). Purpose of selecting poppy rich Helmand was to deprive the Taliban drug business used as a source for funding resistance war. The other reason was to push the militants towards peaceful Pashtun belt of Balochistan and make it restive. The military and FC in Balochistan in anticipation to the possible spillover effect quickly deployed troops along the border and effectively prevented possible inflow.

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