Conspiracy of Equating Militancy and Islam

It is quite fashionable to use the term “Islamic Militants” even by local print media to identify “Muslims” who perpetrate acts of terror in the country and around the world. Of course,people responsible for such acts need to be condemned in the strongest possible terms, but, heedless use of the expression “Islamic Militants” has far reaching negative implications. The use of such phrase reflects the influence of thinking and writings of Bernard Lewis who studied interaction between Islam and West for around sixty years. He presented a broad thesis, that, “Islamic civilization is profoundly ill at its heart” and coined the famous phrase “the clash of civilizations”. The axiom was borrowed and made popular by Samuel Huntington. The disseminator of Lewis’s thinking propagate that violence is caused by Muslim due to their own “sick” socio-psychological formation and has got nothing to do with the atrocities committed by the West.

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