Seymour Hersh’s Nuggets of Naiveté

The angry reaction in Pakistan to Seymour Hershs article in the New Yorker, once viewed in the context of its ludicrous contents, seems justifiable. The long winded report (7000 words approx) is based on unnamed sources, its contents stand repudiated bygovernment officials in Pakistan and US and the hypotheses it outlines dont even pass muster of plain common sense. Despite all these limitations it is an indication of the power of the US media implements and the clout of its all powerful doyens that whatever they say is gulped down hook, line and sinker by the readership at large without questioning its veracity. The things have reached such a pass because writers like Hersh are effectively plugged into the US policy making institutions and along with a select group, are shaping opinions and paving way for American interests globally.

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