India’s struggle to get Non-permanent seat in the UNSC

Political statements coming from the office of Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh are not very encouraging. Analysts have started a renewed debate on the future of Jammu & Kashmir state and seriously ponder if Kashmir is not an issue at all and mere related to Kashmiris grievance regarding governance and development. In fact India wants to stick to its stubborn position that any talks had to be within the Constitution. If we recall, Indian Prime Minister Vajpayee took a historic bus ride to Minar-e-Pakistan in 1999 but that was sabotaged by powerful pressure group because they knew that India is not going to change its position. Then there was Kargil conflict which ended in sheer wastage of time and energies. The year 2002 witnessed Indian Parliament attacks followed by mobilization of Indian troops along Indo-Pak border by Vajpayee. Finally there were Mumbai attacks of November 2008, which parallelized the talks on Kashmir issue between the two countries. One wonders, what is the real motive behind the so called talks between the two countries? Governments in India and Pakistan had been fooling their nationals, the Kashmiris as well as world at large.

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One Response to India’s struggle to get Non-permanent seat in the UNSC

  1. ajit says:

    Time has come for pakistan to address real issues of its nation building than wasting its precious resources on kashmir. divide kashmir at Loc and acceede Pok to pakistan

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