India’s Blame Game

Recently, India’s Home Minister Chidambaram gave a statement that India would retaliate strongly to Pakistan-backed terrorism. He said, If terrorists and militants from Pakistan try to carry out any attacks in India, they will not only be defeated but will be retaliated very strongly. He said he has been warning Pakistan not to play with India and that the Mumbai attacks should be the “last game”. Contrary to the statement of Indian Home Minister, it isthe Indian soil which is being continuously used for subversive activities against neighbouring countries such as Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal and China etc. No wonder New Delhi is facing some serious security threats but from within. These problems and threats are of absolutely indigenous nature. India is facing Naxal menace, which according tothe Indian Prime Minister is the biggest threat to countrys security . Similarly, the turmoil in the Northeastern states is also a result of Indian Governments inability to address their grievances. India is also facing communal violence perpetrated by Hindu extremists, having patronage of Indian government. The demolition of Babri Mosque, Gujarat pogrom and burning of Samjhota Express are few examples in which Hindu extremists butchered Muslims with complete impunity.

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  1. Raja Habib Jalib says:

    As ,i have said many times that the intention of India is to des-stablize the neibours to controll them by proxy wars ,so that India avoids invasion of other country. India did that to create Bangladesh with the help of some Bangladeshi political leadership ,and mistakes by drunkned basterd like General Yahya Khna & others ,who have no intention to keep Pakistan united. These blunders gave India oppportunity to use its forces by using Mukti Bahni ,which was trained in Calcutta ,and they supervised this organization by keeping top leaders in India. They massacred the non banglalies & did the same action against Banglai public ,and blamed Pakistan army, when the revolt begain ,the Indian Army Invaded. This story was told by a Mukti Bahmi member few years ago to me ,and showed me few photgraphs with Mujeeb ur Rehman. It is ironic that World forgot those criminal acts by Mukti Bahni & now after so many years ,the trail aginst Islamic Party is clearly backed by India. Indian military Chief is touring Bnagladesh to promise Heesina that India will back her up ,but Public will realize sooner or later that this action backed by India is just to divide the people of Bangladeh & create a disturbance so that India can take advantage ,and control the economy of Bangladesh. I wish that both Bangaldesh & Pakistan realize that India is neither their friend nor they should expect any good will from this Nation. It is time for both India & Bangladesh to realize this situation ,and try to keep close link ecnomically & military coapration should keep India at bay. Awami league has done blunder by opening another front in the country to divide the public ,and in future ,this action will bring back the Bangladesh of Jinnah back to its roots, because these kind of Kungroo Courts can not deliver justice to any one. (raja habib jalib Chairman jammu & Kashmir human rights council int wing)

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