Foreign Hand in Pakistan Instability

On July 20, 2009 In a Point Blank program of Private Electronic TV Channel Express News a suicidal bomber confirmed the involvement of Indian hands in the unrest of Pakistan. He was arrested from Dera Bugti when he got injured as a result of explosion in a house. He confessed (1) Brahamdagh Bughti is the actual launcher of terrorists, (2) Indian officials do meet Brahamdagh on and off (3) terrorists are being trained in the training camps located in Afghanistan (4) Karazai has been provided protection and stay in Balochistan and now as a return Braamdagh is enjoying the status of state guest in Afghanistan (5) innocent individual are being transported forcefully along with their families to Kabul (6) large sum is being provided to the terrorists launcher commanders (7) Suicide bombers have been poisoned against Pakistan and security forces.

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