Tragedy of Islamic Forces! by Nadia Khan


Pakistan Today: Tragedy of Islamic Forces!

Nadia Khan (from Swat, Pakistan)

As the Army Operation begins in Waziristan against the Islamic elements, predominantly Uzbeks, residing in adjoining areas of Afghan border with Pakistan and now termed as the centre of all evils, by the Interior Minster of Pakistan, I’ve always been questioning myself, “what has happened since 1989 when blue-eyed boys (Afghan mujahdeen) became the worst enemies of USA?” Sometimes the former stance of Awami National Party (ANP) or Asfandyar Wali appears to be true as “US had used Afghans and Pakistanis during Afghan –War while combating against …

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One Response to Tragedy of Islamic Forces! by Nadia Khan

  1. rexminor says:

    nadia, a very good raised a number of questions, let me state some views:
    you were discussing the current events and then suddenly went back in history as far back as when islam was born. this is very interesting, we must see current events in the light of historical events and reflect equally over a long period of history which is yet to come.the pushtoons in total are roughly over 60 million spread over in this beautiful large triangle from dir in the north to waziristan in the south and beyond covering the whole of so called nwfp and three fourth of swat with an area of an estimated 250,000 sq miles. pushtoons were blessed by no other than the prophet mohammad himself(pbuh) when he learnt that the entire pushtoon tribes have been converted to islam. this is an historical event and so recorded.the leader who did this and reported to the prophet of god almighty was honoured with the title malik abdur rashid. the pushtoons have never been defeated by foreign forces in living and non living memory.i forecast that over a period of almost a century the pushtoon civilisation will spread across the whole of sub-continent and beyond.they have defeated the soviets, the americans and the nato armies. today there is very little space allowed to invaders in afghanistan against payments to tribal chiefs.mostly they use aeroplanes and helicopters to move gates believe that more boots would occupy more space in afghanistan,whereas others believe that more forces are likely to suffer more will meet similar fate in waziristan!!now the pakistan- the successive rule of military and incompetance of civilian various govts. have put back the country roughly more than 50 years back.the migration of urdu speaking people from india posed not only major problems of integration but also prevented the progress and integration of tribal territory pushtoons into the main stream.the success of a nation squarely depends on the people and therefore their welfare and education must be the primary task of a govt.the continued propaganda against india and the use of resources on military compelled the youth of pakistan to migrate to foreign countries including mentioned islamic cap,growing beard and other reference to islam.i understand that the pushtoons accepted the faith of islam in a good will since they believe that everything good is related to islam.but has’nt the world developed beyond this using with the use of the brain. we all know today that human dignity, freedom of expression and various human rights are valuable assets of a society.all main religions speak of one god and believe in loving the next one no less than ones self,helping the poor and needy offering charities etc. what is islamic about the cap or growing beard or woman having a veil. what people do, following their traditions, family and tribal codes etc is their own business.But what is islamic about this?if the muslims do not like the western societies then they should stay put in their land. the continued reference of islam to the various behaviour codes and its coverage in the media has confused the people around the world.please you try to write an article without mentioning “islam” and “terrorist” and other unrelated vocablury.if this is followed by the media, people of all faiths will take a breadth of relief. it is that simple.just imagine for a moment, if you were to speak words of your article over the phone , they would be picked up over the echelon system alerting cia and other intelligence agencies around the world and the possibilities are that your entry to the united states may get challenged.therefore it is very necessary that people in your country are educated in schools, universities and from civil societies about the the small world we live in and the rules we have to follow for our own safety. now the usa, it is a declining power and unless they change their foreign stance they will simply merge into history as the roman power did.look towards the emerging nations like china which is not aggressive but has been working hard to improve the wellbeing of its people.pakistan army should go back to the barracks and stop further intrusion of the pushtoon territory.pakistan should look towards china and learn to workhard as the chinese do and develop new technical projects for advancement of their is a puzzle that no one in pakistan is able to develop a pilotless drone whereas the pushtoons have always been able to copy and manufacture all kinds of weaponary.

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