Drowning Karachi – 19th July Rains and MQM by Nadia Khan

Source: http://www.markthetruth.com

Nadia Khan


Soon after the massive rainfalls that had started from 19th July, suddenly or with a careful planning, MQM representatives have started their anti KESC campaign. Some news analyst gone on saying that its not the case, even though MQM is a govt ally and it would be trying to address Karachi residents electric problems.


This might be true, however, soon after the rainfall the whole anti KESC propaganda didn’t get justified and there’s something behind the scene. If MQM is…


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3 Responses to Drowning Karachi – 19th July Rains and MQM by Nadia Khan

  1. Jaydee says:

    I am not urdu speaking, i think Mustafa Kamal is a great guy who really built Karachi and for your information 75% projects was funded by Karachi peoples not federal government.

  2. chaudhary says:

    the young mayor of Karachi and his team propogate all over the country that they were make the Karachi best city of the country but only one rain exposed them lies propogenda. They only propogate against their opponents not work for the people of Karachi as well as people of country. They killed the people of Karachi as target killing and Karachi is the most unsafed cties of the country under the Gov’t of MQM

  3. zephyr says:

    Karachi – 19th July Rains and MQM

    Its not a normal rain – it’s close to be called a natural disaster.

    A pleasant shower of rainfall which started on 18th July, 2009 in Karachi turned hostile at the end of the day as heavy rains accompanied by thunderstorms started at about midnight. It broke record rainfall of last 30 years.

    Light rain and drizzle continued intermittently in the metropolis as the Met office recorded an average of 7.26 millimetres of rain on Tuesday. The PMD observatory at Masroor Base recorded 11 millimetres of rain, Faisal Base five millimetres, University Road 9.4 millimetres, Baldia six millimetres, North Karachi 4.5 millimetres, and Airport 7.7 millimetres.

    I was simply dismayed at some news appearing in media with headings like “Drowning Karachi – 19th July Rains and MQM” Even knowing the factual velocity of rain that day these people whom I judge to be affiliated with some anti-mqm parties kept on penalizing City Nazim and in its context MQM. I ask these people What would had happened if present City Government had not done so much work to improve rusty sewerage system of Karachi, build dozens of bridges, underpasses and roads?

    Let me remind you that even in developed countries they are unable to cope with unpredictable natural disasters and such losses do occur. In an underdeveloped and over populated city like Karachi where land grabbers who are migrants from upcountry areas have encroached even on storm water drainage paths and unplanned kachi abadis have emerged all over the city like mushrooms, keeping city clean and save is such disastrous situations is logically impossible.

    Development fund that City Government is being provided are not sufficient as compared to amenities required by such a vast populated city which continues to grow from infiltration of migrants.

    In above situation you cannot expect any better results. City Government is doing its best. Yet it need more time and money to curtail the problems left unchallenged for the last 60 years.

    oo00O zephyr O00oo

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