Pakistan Cricket: Now needs to keep up with the Champions’ Status?


By Dr. Nauman Niaz

Pakistan transcended to the Semi-Finals of the T20 World Cup infringing South Africa’s unfailing expertise. A roller-coaster ride had seen them walloping the perennial chokers though Graeme Smith would go to his grave not believing that his team ever garroted.

Pakistan’s solutions to their perpetual capriciousness came through a hero reborn, Shahid Afridi. Since 1997, apparently for the first time in twelve years he has held close the maturity. As Afridi showed a complete turnaround deleting his staggering audacity and impetuousness remodeling himself as a complete one-day/T20 cricketer, Younis Khan’s eccentricity and very mediocre captaincy exposed the weaker links in this Pakistan team.

It is one thing to annex a title it is different to show…

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