A dialogue – should we give up Jihad? by Nadia Khan

Source: http://www.markthetruth.com

Nadia Khan

“Should we give up Jihad?” that was the question I had asked to one of my British colleague who was arguing over the World crisis especially in Iraq , Afghanistan , and now in bordering Pakistan.

Have you noticed, especially in Pakistan , “it is unsafe to travel – suicide attacks now in major cities, kidnapping, uncertainty, and killing. In some places, no one knows as how he is killed and for what? Like few cases in recent Swat military operation, there are reports that few innocents had been killed, including women and children, as they were not aware of imposing curfew in their area by Pakistan Army and hence were killed by sniper bullets” my colleague nodded and she was little unhappy with state of affairs in Pakistan and my wish to travel to Peshawar for visiting IDP camps.

Probably, the “root cause is the militant approach…

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Editor’s Note:

This article does not comply fully with rule 5 of our Terms & Conditions. Therefore, we have a need here to clarify few points.

The west and its mass propaganda machine had somehow successfully portrait Pakistan and Islam as the main cause of evils in the world. They falsely target Islam and its principles for malicious uses. Otherwise, Jihad or any other Islamic teaching has no harm for the western style of living. Though, few narrow minded and less educated Muslim clerics end their journey of Ijtihad before their destination actually arrive. But crooks sitting in the western countries deliberately try to create disputes, thus conflicts to achieve their evil objectives. Therefore, this is neither Jihad nor any other Islamic practice but they by themselves are the problem.

The need is that we approach the common people of western countries directly and build bridges amongst the common people of the whole world, while knocking off the culprits and criminals. Who had successfully fixed themselves on key positions in almost all countries in the world.


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One Response to A dialogue – should we give up Jihad? by Nadia Khan

  1. Umair Wasi says:

    Quite rightly said that we have to build bridges towards common/general public of western countries and make them understand about the true essence of Islam, without doing this we could not move ahead and world will continually blamed us for the bad situation all around whether we involved in that or not and tell you something what this is also Jihad of us.

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