Raw strikes again in Lahore


Source: http://www.markthetruth.com

Zaheerul Hassan

30 people were killed and more than 83 injured in a suicide car bomb attack carried on Rescue 15 building located near CCPO office in Civil Lines area. The bomb has destroyed 16 buildings of The Mall Road. In this connection Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani has strongly condemned the blast. According to sources, an explosive-laden Suzuki van broke the barriers and tried to reach the ISI building. As result, the building of the Rescue 15 has been completely destroyed in the blast. This is the third time in two months when Lahore has been jolted by the notorious Indian Agency RAW. As per the media repots ,the explosive-laden pick up truck…

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Lahore Mall Road Blast 02












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2 Responses to Raw strikes again in Lahore

  1. pakistanfront says:

    True. And those who think that Pakistan is no more in position to respond to their evil games, they are living in dreams. Unlike India, Pakistan always as a responsible country, otherwise, answering Indian games in Northerern areas of Pakistan, back in Banglore or in Bombay is not difficult at all. But we do not believe on mass killings of Human biengs, just to implement our so called foriegn policies. As India did in Sri Lanka and Nepal.

  2. khudieditor says:

    That is all RAW can do, kill innocent people. They are the real cowards.

    They will repent. When we strike back.

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