Bhasha Dam and Foreign Involvement



Zaresh Khan

Site for Bhasha DamDams are an instrument of development, yet every dam small or large carries inherent risks of failure. In the case of a larger dam it could be catastrophic for life and property down the valley. Large dams are therefore planned and designed with utmost care to preclude as far as possible any risk of a failure. Keeping in view the risk factor and the growing population of Pakistan in view (estimated at 170 million at the start of 2009), the proposal of Bhasha dam was regulated…

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Site for Bhasha Dam










Indus River System


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2 Responses to Bhasha Dam and Foreign Involvement

  1. pakistanfront says:

    Dear Tariq J Qurashi Sahab


    Very thought provoking comments indeed. You had nicely wraped up the root cause of all evils in the country.

    I have very little to say, after this.

    Thanks, many thanks.


  2. Tariq J Qureshi (TQ) says:

    Pakistan future depends on dams not just for electrical power generation, but also for irrigation of lands to create food for population of Pakistan and running of industries to create goods for domestic consumption and export.

    Dams especially in Pakistan are built, not on political consensus but as a strategic necessity. If Ayub Khan had waited for political consensus and not built Tarbella & Mangla, Pakistan would be living without lights starting in 1964. It is a shame that a country with the highest technical resource and expertise in the Muslim world has been blackmailed by it’s own political leadership against building dams from 1980’s till today on one pretext or another.

    I am sure all those political elites from Sind and NWFP who exploited and blackmailed the country against building the dams by saying the NWFP lands will be submerged, or water will become scarce to Sind plains have already built their houses and palaces in Dubai, London and NY to escape from the nation with at least 4 hours of blackout every day.

    Will the political leadership today take a decision? No, they will not even finch an eye without a nod from DC. Zardari has already declared on this trip that he became President of Pakistan by lobbying in USA over the last 3 years against Musharraf. It was Musharraf who could have stream rolled the decision to built dams. Alas, I do not see a lighted Pakistan in next 100 years no matter how many political speeches Raja of PPP throws around.

    But then I also feel, Pakistan public has failed as a nation itself by electing the corruptest leadership again-and-again over the last 30 years, and deserves what it is getting now. The present political system of Pakistan has only given one-right to citizen, and that is to vote for the leadership, and NOT route him out if he fails within the 4-5 years in power. Since the political system has no-exit clause, except street agitation to eventually force the army to take action, so it is happening that way. Where is the exit-clause against bad leadership? Does Pakistani public have a recourse today to dissolve or remove existing crrupt government and the back-door entry Mr. 100%?

    Time to seek a answer from within your ownself!

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