Taliban Militancy – Pak Security Forces Means Business


Source: http://www.markthetruth.com

Zaheerul Hassan

COAS, during his visit to North WaziristanAccording to the media reports and credible sources, Pakistan Security Forces has killed more than 1000 militants, hundred of insurgents suffered serious injuries and many arrested too in the recent anti militancy drive of Swat and FATA areas. During the ongoing operations, huge quantity of ammunition, latest weapons, number of training camps and hideouts of the terrorists have been destroyed. On May 17, 2009 Pakistan Security forces have been entered into Matta (Swat village) and are fighting the battle of Pakistan bravely and courageously. The whole nation is backing her forces against terrorism. Taliban has now realized that Security Forces…


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4 Responses to Taliban Militancy – Pak Security Forces Means Business

  1. pakistanfront says:

    Dear Tariq J Qureshi Sahab

    I also have a video which shows these so called taliban killing people by head slaughtering. The fact is that these monsters are not even Pakistanis. But acting as Pakistani fighters, which is not true. However, they had succeedd to hire few local people, mainly due to their poverty.

    I think we have a need to work on long term project and execute the development and educational projects along with military action in these poorest areas of Pakistan. Only then, we would be able to get rid of such militancy from our country.



  2. pakistanfront says:

    Dear Mobashir Ahmed

    The military operation, in my point of view would not be the only solution, if these elements would be real pakistani taliban. Fortunatly, or unfortunatly this is not true. This group of taliban is build and installed by our enemies. The top brass of taliban leadership are foriegn agents. However, they are paying heavy money to local, poor pathan to wage war against the government of Pakistan. North is the area, which has the lowest earning ratio in Pakistan.

    There are also reports that the so called taliban fighters are infect NON-MUSLIMS. Additionally, they have dollars and american weapons to fight with Pakistani army. Moreover, they have full and un-conditional military support from India. In such situation, do you realy think that this criminals would like to negotiate Pakistani government and will urge the government to fulfil their demands? I do not think so.

    Their sole purpose is to destablise Pakistan and pave the of foriegn rule in the area. So it is necessary to kill all of them in Military operation and make them example for the coming generations of theirs.

    I fully support the military operation against their foriegn fighters, funded by amercia and supported by India.

  3. Tariq J Qureshi (TQ) says:

    I saw the video of “Pakistan Taliban” physically slaughtering men with 10″ knife blades and separating the head from body while blood is splattering all over the road and then reciting Kalima. For God sake this is NOT our religion. You do not kill other muslims and you do NOT act like animals.

    If this was the product of ‘Pakistan Talibans’ understanding of Islam then they are worst then kafirs and need to be eradicated. Sorry this form of Islam is NOT what God send to this earth. It was pure butchery and worst form of animal behavior.

    Intimidation by these butchers in Swat, Dir and Bunair has to end, so Army action to eliminate these butchers is a must and was needed. You have pushed the religion the wrong way. These people are thugs and murderers being managed by RAW, KHAD, CIA & Israel. What form of Sharia are they talking? If they have the power to convince, let them come into political arena and fight on the platform of ‘enforcement of Sharia”. We are also muslims, we understand Quran also, what form of Quran are they enforcing. No we will fight them the same way as they are fighting the proxy war of non-muslims.

    Worst is they do not offer prayers and declare that they are exempted as they are on Jahad? Jahad against who, other muslims? Who gave them the right to dictate their thought of wrong muslimaniate . Debate with the learned elite and let the world known what shariah really means. The law of Jungle you illiterates are enforcing is NOT shariah. If you think this is let the Army eliminate these munafiks. May God give you fighters of stae of Pakistan the strength to undo the writ of these monsters.

  4. Is military operation the only solution?

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