Pitching Sikhs against Muslims


Source: http://www.markthetruth.com

Zaheerul Hassan

The Indian Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh few days back showed his concern over Sikhs Pakistani citizens living in Orakzai Agency were allegedly asked by Taliban militants to pay “Jaziya” for their protection otherwise leave the agency . As per media reports Taliban militants had taken over the shops and homes of the 35 Sikh families and arrested community leaders Klank Singh and Sewa Singh in the Ferozkhel area of Lower Orakzai Agency for not obeying…

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Opeation Bluestar


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6 Responses to Pitching Sikhs against Muslims

  1. pakistanfront says:


    I shall say thanks to you for your comments. Though, you had negatively contributed but you showed us your real face. Which is good thing, I found in you. Anyway…

    Plz don’t tell us that Sikhs are happy in India. As we are already aware of this fact. Sikhs are surely not happy in India and want their seperate homeland.

    Please use civilised language when you intrude in a civilised blog. We all shall be very thankful to you.


  2. mohit says:

    pakistani mussalaman you can only rape women like cowards but your army is namard who being 1 lac in no in bengal surrender infront of hindu/sikh indian army,we dont hire moslem soldiers in army as they cannot be dependent why because there penis is cut and are hizhra of first order got clear pakistani madarchod apne maa behan ko chod

  3. mohit says:

    moslem madarchod,tu apne maa behan ko chod,forget about sikh in india we are happy here you are dogs muslims of pakistan you will end brutal death in hand of sikh hindu alliance

  4. pakistanfront says:

    Muslims in India are living the worst life of their history. That is what I know about their conditions in India.

    Sikhs made wrong decisions at the time of partition. Thoug, they were not approached by Muslim leadership for any joint struggle for shared homeland. And both Muslims and Sikhs have to face the circumastances.

  5. sibtain says:

    Good day
    please .. do not interfare in our internal affairs… what is the condition of Muslim in India , be carefull…. thanks

  6. gurmeet singh says:

    Sikhs understand what RAW is upto, I just hope they don’t fall as a prey. Sikhs and Muslims have gone a long way and the Sikhs are grateful to the Pakistani Muslims for taking care of their Gurdwaras. Sikhs and Muslims have to stand strong and not fall into any trap.

    In Solidarity with the peace loving Muslim communities around the world.

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