The Hidden Agenda – disintegrating Pakistan? by Nadia Khan



By Nadia Khan

When common people use to say that, “America’s hidden agenda is to counter the nuclear program of Pakistan and take it under their control,” it was termed as the height of fanaticism & slogans of religious fanatics. Since when US secretary of state Hillary Clinton has said, “Pakistan’s government had abdicated to the Taliban by agreeing to the Islamic law in part of the country and that the nuclear-armed nation posed a “mortal threat” to world security” and started raising doubts about the integrity of Pakistan & advancement of Taliban towards Islamabad, it became in black & white that what type of role US is looking for itself in…

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2 Responses to The Hidden Agenda – disintegrating Pakistan? by Nadia Khan

  1. Hammad says:

    Dear Bolochi and Paktoon Brothers please wake up, enemies of muslim umma are using you. please try to understand plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.Otherwise

  2. Dear Miss Khan;
    I guess Talibinisation is actually a real threat to Pakistan and not part of any conspiracy adn different aspect which you have highlighted in your column are the logical conclusion which one draws when such events happens.
    The threat of talibinisation is real,they are dangerous to our way of life.As far as US propoganda is concerned I belive a stable Pakistan is far more important for US as compared to a disintegrated one.Why? becasue destabilisng Pakistan means further increase in geographic size of Iran which US will not prefer under current situation.Secondly China the real Regional Power will not let it happen in order to mantain the balance of Power in the region.
    The only culprit which is responsible here is India.It is financing the conflict through its Afghanistan Embassy .This indiand policy will continue as Congress has contiued to be in the leading role in India.

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