Suicide attacks – a new dimension



By Nadia Khan

Gone are the days when Pakistani Army Jawans, in 1965 war, were carrying the loaded bombs in front of Indian tanks assault to stop their advancements and save Lahore. Similarly Shaheed Rashid Minhas, attempt to brought down his plane killing himself along with his instructor, was to save few secrets of Pakistan air force and a Palestinian girl, mother of two, Idrees Wafa’s suicide attack on Israeli army was an act of bravery and a notification to world against the atrocities committed by Jews. Among non-Muslims, Chinese paratroopers’ suicide actions at Perl Harbour had documented a new dimension in world war history.

In today’s world, suicide attacks are not unknown war tactics for Pakistani residents especially in tribal belt – North, South Waziristan and Malakand division, including Peshawar. Pakistanis are witnessing these attacks, sometimes failed also, since last 3 years frequently in many parts of the country from Khyber to Karachi. This phenomenon has risen dramatically after the assault of Lal …

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