Will India Show Responsibility ?

Source: http://www.markthetruth.com

By Zaheerul Hassan

Rehman Malik, interior advisor to Prime Minister stated in a Press Conference in Islamabad that terrorist attack in Mumbai was planned in a number of countries including Austria, Spain, Italy, Russia, US and Pakistan but reportedly the attackers had gone to Mumbai from Thata Coast near Karachi. He also revealed that stern actions will be taken against the culprits as per territorial law. The FIR has been lodged against nine suspects. Six have been taken into custody including the alleged mastermind Zakiur Rehman Lakhvi. The actions of Pakistan clearly depict that government means business and her agencies have carried out proper investigation. On February 14, 2009 foreign Secretary Salman Bashir briefed foreign envoys on the steps taken by it to cooperate with India in bringing the perpetrators of the Mumbai attacks to justice and to eliminate terrorism and militancy. Meanwhile, US and several other countries have welcomed the outcome of Pakistan’s probe into the Mumbai incident especially its recognition that the attack was partly planned in Pakistan. US State Department spokesman Robert Wood while addressing the newsmen in Washington declared that Pakistan is committed to do ‘everything in its power’ to bring the culprits to justice particularly those ‘living within their borders’…


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Shev Sena's Terrorist Training Camp


Malegaon blast

Malegaon blast


Malegaon blast

True face of Radical Hindus

Durga Vahini training camp on outskrirt of Kanpur. Durga Vahini is the womens armed wing of Bajrang Dal. Training camp coordinated by Ved-Prakash Sachchan. Durga Vahini training camp June session. June 24th


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3 Responses to Will India Show Responsibility ?

  1. Human says:

    Just watch your words and ask from your free spirit if you are thinking right. You will get all of your answers

  2. pakistanfront says:

    Dear Dr Awatar Singh Sekhon Sahab


    Thanks for your comments. We would love to see more from your side.

    The subject of an article is a question and my answer to this question is not very much different than yours. India would never show responsibility. If you go through the era of pre-partition, you will notice that Barhamans were not even tolarated Muslims during the independence movement of Hind from British Raj. You may be aware that Mr. Jinnah was very much in favour of Joint Hindu-Muslim struggle to win independence of India. But it was Hindu’s chankya mantality, which changed his mind and we as Muslim seperated our path from Hindu.

    We in Pakistan say Thanks to Allah for the right decision on right time by our leadership and thanks to them, we are now free and far from reach of radical Barhamans. You know and you know very well, the conditions of Non-Barhamans in general and Non-Hindus in perticular.



  3. Dear Sir/Madam,
    Aslaam O Alaikum,

    This is in response to your title above, Will India Show Responsibility?. What kind of the responsibility is expected from the followers of the ‘apartheid’? These are the people who believe only in one notion which is the ‘one way’ street only. What they, the Brahmins/Hindus, in their minds (close) is the ‘Hindu, Hindi, Hindustan and Hindutave’. If the message is not clear to the world in general and to the non-Hindu, non-Brahmin minorities, then nothing will help them. India is for the Hindus and non-Hindus (the Sikhs, Muslims, Muslims of the Jammu and Kashmir, Christians, Dalits, Adivaasis, nearly no less than 85% population out of 1.2 billion hungry mouths of the Brahmins autocracy alias the alleged Indian democracy), that these 85% minorities (majority) can live and survive in the Brahmins autocracy if they decide to serve the Brahmins and be the ‘subservient’ of the Brahmins-Hindus.
    What do you expect from the Brahmins autocracy? Since 15th August, 1947, the alleged Indian democracy is nothing but a ‘Churning machine’ for the non-Brahmin and non-Hindu minorities. Combined figure of the ‘genocide, pogroms, fake encounter killings, burning them alive, etc., for the Sikhs, Muslims, Christians, Assamese, is close to 5-million or more. This all figure is in the public domain.
    In summation, do not expect from the followers of the Hindutav and killing humanity because they are not the Brahmins and Hindus. If the followers of the democratic systems do not learn any lesson from the Brahminical India, it is too bad.
    The Khudawand Bakhshinda shower His blessings to save the humanity.
    Awatar Singh Sekhon, Ph D, FIBA, RM (CCM) of CANADA

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