Dark side of Pakistani politics – Book Review by Nadia Khan

Salman Taseer with his family‘Stranger to History’ an autobiography of Aatish Taseer

Stranger to History is an upcoming autobiography or a personal memoir, will be available from February 17th 2009, of a son’s journey through Islamic lands. As a child, he had seen his father’s photograph in a browning silver frame. He was raised by his Sikh mother; Tavleen Singh in Delhi , his Pakistani father, a renowned politician, remained a distant figure, almost a figment of his imagination, until he crossed the border when he was twenty-one…

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6 Responses to Dark side of Pakistani politics – Book Review by Nadia Khan

  1. pakistanfront says:

    Tahir Sahab

    I do agree with you but personal life could not be an excuse for him.




  2. Tahir Hasnain says:

    It seems a deliberate drive against Salman Taseer.

    I hypothesize with his Indian son, if he is real, and would like to condemn Mr. Taseer if he has failed to do justice with his Indian family.

    Having said, one though may not like Taseer for various other reasons but being a neutral citizen, I think Mr. Taseer has his personal life, good or bad, and espying into anybody’s personal life is immoral. If he is making money through corruption, it’s objectionable; if he is damaging ideology or sovereignty of the country, it’s intolerable; but his family problems should matter to us. I don’t think such personal life stories matter any more as these might be totally or partly fabricated. Let’s be moral, discuss issues and face realities in future to have future.

  3. pakistanfront says:


    Yes, there should be character justification. But personal has broad meanings. Personal life is the life of the daily routine fo an indvidual which he deserves to spend as a common member of the society. However, the illegal acts of the that individual could not be ignored on the basis of personal life.

    But, you may know, that so called doctrine of human rights consider it violation if we do so.

    As far as myself is concern, I believe that every single organ of the system should be compatible and efficient enough to perform the function assined to him or if he taken responsibility of the function on his shoulders. Salman Taseer, do not qualify to be a governer of Punjab. Instead he and his family should had been found in jail.

    This is realy a sad situation for us as a common and true Pakistani. But I never loose hope.



  4. K H U R R A M says:

    at such most start crying that its “personal” personal …
    a person who given high rank for “public service” SHOULD have a character! if one cant control his “personal” desires howcome ever be sincere with public or perform the way it needed?!
    so there should be “character” justification bfr anyone get that “position”.
    take care

  5. pakistanfront says:

    Personal life of any person, including a politician is no doubt his personal matter. But this does not mean that we start choosing the people, which do not comply with our traditions and social values. Yet many people believe on the pics of his family as true, but still, it is hard for me to believe that one can fall that much that he see no problem while seeing his daughters in such dresses?

    For Aatish, it is not less than a nightmare. The person, who is his father is declining to give him his due place in his home.

    Couple of weeks before, a news came of a brother of many sisters that he commited suicide. Just becuase his boss, owner of a newspaper and a TV Channel had not only declined to pay him his salary of many months but also teased him by saying that he should bring his sisters in sex market to arrange money for thier marriage. What a shame for such a people.

  6. FM Shah says:

    (Tongue in cheek!)
    So what’s so wrong? That’s “Enlighten” in action, for us!! A ‘selected and hand picked’ functionary carrying out his function as he deems fit! No one should have a cause to complain. The ‘people’ chosen democrats, ‘selected’ him. On the other hand if he (the Governor and his family) had been ‘selected’, the ‘selector’ would have had the option of dealing with him, right ‘then, and there’, for his ‘misuse of position and authority’ and ‘gross misconduct’. (Though in the present ‘mood’ that we seem to be in, that action would also have been objected to. What a confused state of mind we tend to be in these days!!).

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