Indian Army’s Penetration by Hindu Zionists & Fascists


Indian Army’s Penetration by Hindu Zionists & Fascists
– Hitherto Unknown Sinister Nexus

Farzana Shah

Links of Indian military with Hindutva organizations are no secret now. Most of organizations are working in Indian society since ages like Shiv Sena, Bajrang Dal etc have long history of having links with military establishment at different level. The root of this cooperation is decades-old appeal: “India is for Hindus only”. This is nothing new but there is something new and that is the growing influence of this ideology among Indian military and elements that are now not in control of Indian military or Indian government but they are on their own agenda of Hindutva, a name given to same old appeal of race and religion regarding India.

Over the years Indian youth is becoming part of these militant outfits working under these organizations with same ideology of Hindu fascism but it never ends here as same youth got recruited into Indian military on regular basis. After being recruited these Hindu fundamentalist keep their links intact with entities like RSS, VHP, Bagrang Dal, Shiv Sena etc

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Flowchart of Army Terror Links




Terrorist training Camp in India


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15 Responses to Indian Army’s Penetration by Hindu Zionists & Fascists

  1. abha singh says:

    thanks god …………yeh fake documentary hai.isme koi sachchai nhi hai…..main yeh soch soch kar hairan ho jati huin ki tum paki kitne khiske huye ho….jab main googleimage mein ‘hindu training’ word suna to mere andar ek jigyasa hui ki dekhu jara mere hindu bhai log kya karte hain kyonki main bade garv se kahti huin ki muslim (terrorists not all) kitne bujhdil hain ki hume marne ke liye apne 5-10 years ke bachcho ke hath mein khilaune ke bjaye gun thamate hain …training ke nam par unka bachpana chhinte aankhe abhi dunia nhi dekhi unhi ke jehan mein nafarat bhara jata hai.main ishwar ka lakh lakh shukriya karti huin ki main hindu huin aur mere ma-bap mujhe insan banaya ,mujhe achchi jindagi di……

    go to hell pak………..india will arise again and again and u paki will go down by urself…..

  2. Anirudh says:

    hallo dear pakistani friend,

    i accidentally came across your site. but couldnt resist reading this article (at least the first paragraph)

    we know that we have some problems in india. just like ANY other country in the world. and considering the fact, that we are such a HUGE nation, we’re actually doing quite well, u know.

    the above article is PURE imagination.pakistani propaganda.

    and all this coming from a pakistani is quite amusing.

    you know what they say: ultaa chor kotwaal ko DaanTe.

    i wish, pakistanis weren’t so obsessed with india.
    it’s kinda scary how much u guys talk about us.

    i mean, have u ever heard of indians talking about pakistan so much???

    if we were like u, and would talk about u the whole day, u bet our list of “pakistan-is-bad-because..” would be miles and miles longer than your “india-is-bad-because..” list.

    anyway, i wish ke bhagwaan dono’n desho’n ko sukh, chain aur barqat dewe, taa ke ham sab jeevan mei’n aage barhte rahe’n and PEACE aur khushi ke saath jee sake’n.

    ok, bye bye

  3. Arif raza khan says:

    I also agree with parvej .

    India is most safest country for a muslim than your pakistan or any other country in this world.

    tum logo ko aadat ho gayi dusro ke mamlo me taang adane ki.

  4. pakistanfront says:


    The videos about RSS, Shev Sena, Bajrand Dal etc are not uploaded by Zaid Hamid, but by your own citizens. Remember that. 🙂

    Your claim of computer availability contradict with the International reports of poverty in India. Will you please tell us about the poverty ration in India, if 77% is not correct?

    In the meanwhile, will you please also tell me that how much a beautifull girl charge for a night and do tell us the name of the city, yea?

    Don’t forget to answer these few interesting questions about India and its computer owner people.

  5. pakistanfront says:


    Don’t be silly. Do you realy think that we need to read your illogical response? Kerkere was targeting Hindu Leader?? Ofcouse, he was targeting Hindu radical leaders, that is why he was eliminated. Thus he made an example of other good police officers that if they dared to do the same, they will have to face the same ending

    RSS has links with ISI? What a shot.

    Pakistan do not have to dream to bring India down. If you guys did not rectified yourself, You will die by yourself, without any external contribution.

    And please do not add such information for us.

  6. pakistanfront says:


    Well, we know that Indians always fail to tolarate the truth and start shouting like a dog. Therefore, I shall not advise you to behave like a gentleman, as I know this is difficult, sorry impossible for you.

    People in Lal Masjid and in Swat challanged the writ of the government, so had been punished. People in Lal Masjid did not surrendered and thus cleaned off and people in Swat agreed to talk and thus given oppertunity. As far as Sharia is concern, why not government accept that, while this is an Islamic Country. What about India, which is not a hindu country by constitution but radical hindus are taking over the control of the country slowly but gradually?

    As you naughty indians asked again and again about non-Muslim people in jobs. Justice Rana Bhagwan Das, who always spended his holidays in India was a Hindu. He was a judge of Supreme court, Yousaf Youhana, who converted to Islam now was Christian, the owners of Murree Brewry are also hindu. They own pakistan’s and probably South Asia’s oldest wine factory, located in Rawalpindi, just opposite to Army House. The list of government servants and intelligence agencies are not available to me, otherwise, I would be telling you that how many people are working in government jobs which are not Muslims. Now, will you please dare to tell me that why reports emerged about India that Indian Army and intel. agencies do not recruite Muslims and consider them security risk? Please also tell us that whether those reports are made by some Pakistani or your own government men? Do reply….

  7. Rituraj says:

    Oh my God u people live in ur own fools paradise!poor pakistani people!how much propaganda are u fed,i see youtube vids with TV series based on F16s!
    and please this notion started by zaid amid that india is killing minorities is utter foolishness,aisa kuch nahi ho raha hai,india tak aa kar aapke artist perform karke jaate hain,itni fame itni respect milti hai,if people hated muslims or pakistani people to atif aslam recors kaise break karta,?Sania Mirza India ko represent kaise karti?India ke saare top actors muslim kaise hote?aur woh laakhon muslims jo apni normal zindagi jeete hai kaise jee rahe hote bhai!?

    please dont fall for such utter nonsense!and please tell one Hindu,Sikh Christian at a good post in pakistan!!and please dont give the name of the first sikh traffic constable!
    and RSS has muslims too!!

    people in pakistan are healthy and wealthy than those in India!?brother u r sitting on computer,u must be rich in pakistan to have a computer when ur news readers use shitty box sized laptops!in India due to the IT boom almost every midle class house has a PC,and if not then access to one!do u even know whats the state of r economy!?
    u r probably son of some zamindar or miltary person bcos these are the only 2 professions in pakistan where u r rich and dont know whats going on in the world,living u n ur own small fools paradise!

  8. Salim says:

    For your information, Hemant Karkare was a die heart Shiv Sainik. Mumbai Police Commissioner is Hassan Gaffor who is muslim.

  9. Salim says:

    I am from India and allready have done study on the possible nexus between Indian military and Hindu groups for my class report. And my conclusion was very few (negligible) percent of hindus bother to give credit to these hindu outfits. And regarding the military, Indian military is very secular and the Malegao incident is very rare and dont even have clear angle of communallism. The col. arrested was targeting RSS leader (HINDU) also for his alleged links with ISI.

    I am really happy to read this report, Pakistan is dreaming to bring India down by sticking to its “India enemy” policy. This mentality of your leaders and yours is going to bring pakistan down. India dont even need a war with you guys. India just wish that you guys keep your this attitude up and go in ashes. Learn to give a healthy competition. Pakistan want progress to show India down. While India want progress to give better life to her people. This is called an ideal ambition.

  10. Sushant says:

    Shut the f up farazan…….taleban is at your door step, your government has officially accepted sharia ..its funny to blame raw and hindu terrorist for this…wake up morons and introspect… stop being in the state of denial forever…you know it very well people in lal masjid were your own ppl and so are the morons fighting in swat… can you hypocritic be worried about indian minorities…how many non muslim have hold any key positions in pak?

  11. pakistanfront says:

    Mr. Proud Indian

    As you are proud of good people of your country, I believe that you also make them proud of you, by behaving like a gentleman.

    Whatever the whole world know is about Pakistan, is not the point of discussion in this post. The point of discussion here is that radical and criminal minded hindu zionists are penetrating into Indian Army and Indian Government which is nightmare not only for us but also for yourself.

    As far as you second post is concern, first of all people in Pakistan are far more healthy and wealthy than those in India. You may know that a cup of tea in Pakistan is more expensive than a beautifull women to spend a whole night in India.

  12. proud indian says:

    I think Pakistan is on the verge of extinction & I will feel very happy if it happens since it is the root of terrorism around the world.
    But I don’t want India to anhilate it since taking a land 340,403 square miles filled with total garbage ( its people) would be a real headache for India.

  13. proud indian says:

    What the hell r u talking. The whole world know that pakistan is on the verge of bankruptcy if not given the bhikh by US. Your president or prime ministers goes to Saudi Arabia, Uae ,China and many other country for begging practice.
    The US is giving you a lot of aid in the name of war against terror even then tumhara pet nahi bharta.
    Instead of commenting on India’s minorities look at your Hindu population –
    In 1947 it was 25 % & now less than 2% of total population.
    india on the other hand has
    12 % muslims in 1947 now it is 15 %.

  14. pakistanfront says:

    Dear Parvaiz

    First of all, it would be good for your own sake if you insert comments with your geniune name. Secondly, Where your english skills are good. I fail to understand that as a Muslim, you do not know that the spelling of “Khada Hafis” are not correct. The spellings should “Khuda Hafiz”. “Z” not “S”.

    And the problems of Talibans and all others are mentioned by you are the products of Zionists and Hindu Terrorists. You must be aware that the reports in the past told us that many terrorists killed by Pakistani forces in North were not even Muslims.

    Why we worried about India? Because, the fandamantal and terrorists organisations of Hindus are killing all non-hindus in India and if they are not stoped they will start infiltration in other countries too, bypassing their government. And they are already doing this. See what criminals and terrorists of Hindu organisatios had done with Samjhota Express and in many other incidents. These criminals and terrorists already succeeded to penatrate in to Indian Security Forces.

    You are working there! You do not feel like Muslims not getting opportuniies? Wow…. You got to be kidding with me. How many Muslims are in Indian Forces, by the way. What is there contribution in Indian population and then in Indian forces and other government institutes. Such as civil service, intelligence agencies etc?

    Yes, we heard about those and also about what is happening to Shah Rukh Khan now a days. Also Shabana and her husbad. They are searching for a house in Bombay to purchase but no hindu sell them a house. As they are scared from the terrorists of Bal Thakre.

    How come you reached this conclusion that Muslim in India are far better than Muslims in Pakistan. The fact is that not only Muslims, but the high class of hindu religion is spending worse life in India. Where poverty ration is over 77% according to the international status, where government pays poor peaple to use public toilets. How can you say so?

    USA kee bheek per jene ka maza to tumhare mulk ne already lena shuru ker dya ha. The military support and assitance you received from US in Kargal War is the biggest example of it. Otherwise, you would have died yet in Kashmir. Isn’t it?

  15. Parvaiz Hussain says:

    I fail to Understand WHEN YOU HAVE LOTS OF PROBLEM LIKE TALIBAN, YOU OWN TERROR GROUP. you try and concetrate on that.
    WHY ARE you so worried about INDIA????????
    we are working here, we dont feel like muslim not getting opportunity.
    u must have heard bout Dr. APJ ABDUL KALAM, IRFAN PATHAN, Yusuf Pathan, Zakir Hussain, Javed Akhtar…
    but what about pakistan????? YOU HAVE A SINGLE HINDU ON SOME RESPONSIBLE POST??????

    Khud ke Ghar mein lagi aag ko bhuzao. Dont bother about India and Indian Muslims, we are in far better situation than you poor pakistani people.


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