IMF…? Only if…


IMF again! I think Pakistan can do more than this, rather much more than this. Only if everyone desires, it can be the one last time IMF monitors Pakistani economy. I think it is just the way most of Pakistani nationals are conditioned under some known or unknown locally and foreign governed circumstances favoring the elites of today and of course, yesterday. It is an old debate that if we try to give something to Pakistan, we can improve as a nation. Slogans like “Pakistan has given us many things. What have we given to Pakistan?” are misleading. Patriotism arises through “ours first” strategies, rather then preferring foreign products over ours. As a professional in IT, I have come about many such experiences where various generous offers from some of the leading Pakistani software/IT had been let down by the government and defense organizations provided by some very lame excuses, which most of the time stated that office automation and work flow management systems cut down human jobs that will increase joblessness. They forget the fact that automation and time saving is first step to economic and financial growth and industrial development. As they say, time is money!…

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