Pakistan Between Secularism and Islam


Writer: Tarik Jan – Institute of Policy Studies, Islamabad

ISBN: 969-448-057-4

Pages: 464 – Including Appendix, Notes and Index

Addition: First Addition published in 1998 and second in 2003


Since Pakistan came into being, the marginal number of people left no chance to miss-interpret the historical efforts of Muslims in Hind. And try to mislead the people about the causes and consequences of Pakistan. Such people seek their spiritual idols…

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One Response to Pakistan Between Secularism and Islam

  1. Raja Habib Jalib says:

    A great mistake by Husina Wajid of targetting political leaders on religious ground & hanging Abdul kadir Mukkah. There was no ground for prosecution, after 40,years, PM decides to appoint her on tribunal of choice & orders the political party leaders to stand trail, no evicence, the lawyers are not allowed ,and the leaders are not allowed to defend themselves, a prominent leader & Scholar hanged. It is criminal act & injustice is done to a political leader,and the World need to raise this issue before this country comes in a grip of terrorism like Pakistan. When justice denied ,the people lose hope & terrorism starts. The Jammiat Islami leader & Ex Muslim League of Bangladesh leaders are the only target of this malicious prosecution with the intention of hanging them. The court which has to answer to exective Branch of Government can not deliver justice to people wrongfully blamed for the crime with fabricated evidence .Raja habib jalib Chairman Jammu & Kashmir Human Rights Council Int wing>

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