Defending the Ideology


Pakistan was not a one-man show. Though, Tahreek e Pakistan was led by Quaid e Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah. But the path All India Muslim League was following was exactly what the Musalmanan e Hind had dreamed for. However, the leadership is not only supposed to lead the people. But it is also responsible to show them more options. As Mr. Jinnah and his companions did, got the idea of Islamic State of Pakistan approved from the Musalmanan e Hind and sticked to it.

After a new state of Pakistan had come into being. Mr. Jinnah, instead having a solo flight and declared Pakistan as an Islamic State and Qur’an & Sunnat e Mohammadi, its Prime Law, handed over the authority to the representatives of the people of Pakistan and allowed them to constitute Pakistan according the wishes of the people of Pakistan. That is why, the so-called intellectuals like IA Rahman, Aitazaz Ahsan, Professor Doctor Manzoor Ahmad, Ayesha Siddiqa and now Nazir Naji criticise Mr. Jinnah for not taking any action for Islamisation of the country. They argue that if Mr. Jinnah wanted Pakistan as an Islamic State, then why he did not took any action in this regard. Instead, he left the task of Constitution making over the legislative Assembly. Yes, we can always accept this argument. But the question is that if Mr. Jinnah, as these intellectuals argue, would have declared by himself, the Qur’an and Sunnat e Mohammadi, the Prime Law of Pakistan and…

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