USA is looking for “safe entry” in Pakistan

By Sajjad Ahmad
09 January 2008, Rawalpindi

Especially after the assassination of Benezir, Pakistan derived into serious troubles. The situation indicates that the Plan A is working so far.

After her assassination, the protest by the nation has been transformed into bloody agitation. The transformation process could not be completed without prior planning. Otherwise, how it could be imagined that the agitators break the jail and get the prisoners free. The country had suffered billions of dollars in this wave of agitation. And this is not it, the credibility of economic environment and security of foreign investments are also gone for a long time. So the first sufferer is the economy. Thus making it harder for Pakistan to survive financially in the coming situation.

The other front opened by these enemies, is the political one. First UK and US government denied of reports that they will be helping Pakistan in investigating Benezi…

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