US Diplomacy in Pakistan – Fight against Terror – Who Got What

By Sajjad Ahmad

Dated: March 28, 2008

Rawalpindi – Pakistan

The two high profile US diplomats arrived in Islamabad couple of days before and they toured the whole country, meeting with almost ever single Leader of every single party which has seats in National Assembly or in any Provincial Assemblies or at least have potential of street protest. In this regard, this was one of the most unique visit of US diplomats in Pakistan. The purpose, as usual, was unclear but everybody knows what it was meant for. The diplomats had repeatedly tried to give decent justification of their visit, but the outcome of the visit proved that the concern were true.

Today, Mr. Zardari and one of the two US diplomats had held a press conference. In which, Mr. Zardari announced that the so-called war on terror will keep going and Pakistan will not withdraw from this war. If we…

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