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First, allow me to extend my condolences for the loss your second mom. She sounds like a wonderful woman who stepped up from the very start to give you a lot of love and stability. What a lovely gal! I hope you have many warm memories of times with her and your uncle.

You’re dealing with a tremendous loss of a very central person to your life. Grief comes in many forms. Sometimes we want to be with other people. Sometimes we need to be alone away from the triggers that bring fresh pain, especially learning to deal with it. This is okay. You aren’t a bad person because you aren’t sure you can deal with your uncle in a face to face meeting without losing it, because his closeness to your aunt is like bringing out the fresh loss all over again. Don’t beat yourself up because you are trying to sort yourself out. These are heavy emotions. Death affects people as strongly as almost anything can — birth is about the nearest thing, marriage/divorce, all those major life changes. I hope you can let yourself have a bit of credit for coping and don’t judge you too harshly. Surely you would not want to curse or condemn a relative who was grieving for your aunt.

It may help you to work out some of your feelings with a grief counsellor. Are you able to access them through the NHS or your workplace? It’s especially common to have to work through a pretty tough tangle of emotions, particularly if your loved one was dying of a terminal illness. They are fantastic resources, and do not feel you are failing or weak if you reach out to them. Even having someone to share your thoughts with, and receive positive support without any need for them to “be strong” for you is helpful.

Healing takes time. Laughter and family ties are helpful for this, but so too is a good cry with a loved one. Your uncle might really appreciate just remembering the good times and your mutual love for a very special woman. There is nothing wrong with that.

And I know this may sound unbearably Hallmark card like, but time really can heal most things. Take it day by day. When you’re ready to address a Christmas present, you do that. Put it away in the closet if that is easier. Write your cards later. If you feel it’s too hard to handle something then give yourself permission to address it later. You aren’t a coward, you are giving yourself room to breathe and be and take on with you can. From what it sounds like, your aunt wouldn’t have minded one bit. 🙂

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Subject: It’s Morrigan narrating.

That sounds more like a ‘non-idiot’ philosophy than a uniquely Atheist one, friend.

As a fellow atheist, I assert that we simply don’t believe in an all powerful god. There are plenty of things i respect out of the plain fact I think they need to. For example I may not trust strangers, but a stranger of blood relation will always have my benefit of the doubt initially.

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10 months ago, I posted this story to this very sub and said that I’d be back once it’s complete. Well, it’s finally complete – is far longer than I would’ve imagined, and took far longer to complete than I’d hoped. Irregardless, if you’re a fan of an adult-rated story that actually has a plot and isn’t some mindless fuckfic then I would love for you to give my story and read and tell me what you think.

Thank you.

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Precursors weren’t people made out of Dark Eco like Daxter, they came BEFORE all forms of Eco. They’re just super powerful ottsels. All eco has a little bit of their essence in it, and Daxter sort of won the lottery when it came to being affected. Instead of dying or being harmed like most people affected by Dark Eco, he turned into a powerless form of Precursors, just a regular ottsel.

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