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Leelah wrote an articulate suicide note online that went viral and reached homepages of major news sites and got massive coverage, with a specific call to action. The others generally did not.

Their lives and deaths are not any less important. Leelah’s request was to not just remember her, but to fight for trans acceptance in general, which relates to all those other deaths too.

This is how humans operate. If you tell people that a million kids are starving right now, it’s just a statistical fact. It seems too big to care, too big to do anything about, too big to trigger all those millions of years of evolution that cause you to feel intense compassion. But one kid, one person, one name, who is suffering or who has died, triggers everything. Rallying tends to happen around specific events and specific individuals, not around statistics.

It’s somewhat of a fallacy when people redirect emotions away from one thing, to another thing. Like if someone says they’re suffering, and someone responds by pointing to starving kids in Africa, that doesn’t really mitigate the suffering of the first person, does it? It doesn’t in any way invalidate their suffering, just because other people are suffering in different ways, or even if other people are suffering in more intense ways. All suffering, is important. People are currently rallying around Leelah. Although her death is unfortunate, sad, and avoidable, the rallying is good. There’s no reason to take away from it. There is no benefit in subtracting from it, or criticizing it.

The Transgender Day of Remembrance covers everyone. We already have that day. This particular event, however, was triggered by Leelah, unfortunately. Her story happened to reach front page news, mostly due to her specific call to action and highly specific message. It happens to be a current rallying point for all transfolk, just as she wanted.

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I’m of the opinion that even if it’s unlikely, the consequences of someone threatening suicide would be so bad that it should be taken seriously every time.

Maybe, you know, after the first time OP calls a hospital to have her parents put on a 72 hour psychiatric hold, if they didn’t mean it then they’ll decide it’s too much of a hassle to screw around with suicide threats again, Which would be a great result for everyone.

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This just makes it so much more ironic – here she is a nuclear scientist, yet she doesn’t have a clue about the ‘safety’ on her pistol? (and yes, many of you might say “it was on” – but really, what are the odds a 2yr. old cannot only pull the trigger on a weapon but also release the safety – I have to assume is was an automatic, because it is unlikely a 2yr old could pull the trigger on a revolver)

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Dude. Words cannot express how pumped I am for Battlefront.

I think BF4 was a fantastic Battlefield game after all the patches, so I think from a design perspective they still make brilliant games, it’s just the buggyness which lets them down. Hopefully they have enough time to make it a very finished game this time.

I mean, Battlefront 2 as a game was nothing special from a gameplay or story standpoint. The third person mechanics seem mediocre at best… but it was amazing simply because it encapsulated one of the best parts of the Star Wars movies – the battles. The backdrop of the game propelled it into I think one of the most iconic SW games. Now if you combine the bloody brilliant gameplay of Battlefield with that same Star Wars backdrop… it’s gonna be awesome man. Though I hope they don’t just reskin Battlefield, but bring in the shit that made the original two great, like galactic conquest, while innovating with new ideas and stuff!

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